05 Jun 2024

AI in International Arbitration: What is it, Where are the issues, What is the future?

Date and Time

Wednesday 5 June, 11.00am (registration from 10.30am) to 12.30pm


39 Essex Chambers, 81 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1DD

The Event

Chambers is delighted to host an event with Kroll for London International Disputes Week 2024.

Members Katherine Apps KC, Jonathan Bellamy, Jennifer Thelen, along with Nick Ellison (Kroll) and Eimear McCann (TrialView) will discuss on AI and the Law in the context of International Arbitration, specifically:

  • What is AI (and what it isn’t)?
  • Key legal issues for those using AI in an arbitration context (including GDPR, confidentiality, licensing, fairness, non-discrimination and process flows);
  • Key technological issues (ie what broadly is out there technologically and the issue of “guardrails” and protecting confidentiality in the context of generative AI);
  • Issues of forum, regulatory overlap, jurisdictional overlap and territoriality; and
  • What is the future?


Please reserve a space at LIDW official website at: HERE.

*Speakers and topics are subject to change.

NB: 39 Essex Chambers has full disabled accessibility measures. If you have any specific requirements that you would like us to be aware of, please contact the Marketing team at