18 Oct 2017

39 Essex Chambers Speaking and Exhibiting at the LLG Governance Conference, Bath

39 Essex Chambers will be speaking and exhibiting at the LLG Governance Conference the Assembly Rooms in Bath on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 October 2017.

Fenella Morris QC and Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho will be speaking on "State Aid for Local Authorities: Risks and Mitigation" which includes:

  • What is the test for State aid? What defences are there? What is the potential liability?
  • Areas of State aid vulnerability for local authorities
  • How does State aid law impact on public procurements?
  • How will Brexit affect the application of State aid law in the UK?
  • Risks: What are the risks to the council if it grants unlawful State aid? How might that risk play out?
  • Opportunities: How is State aid being used outside the norm? What opportunities are there for State aid to be used as a tool to get to a commercial objective?
  • Case Study: application of State aid law to a council setting up a separate vehicle for the purpose of selling services
39 Essex Chambers will also be exhibiting at the event with Phil Desmondez (Marketing Executive), Michael Kaplan (Senior Clerk) and Stephanie David (Barrister) in attendance.

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