06 Jul 2021

39 from 39, Series 3 Episode 11 – "Cut your neighbour down to size?"

39 Essex Chambers presents a series of Planning and Environment related webinars

Each webinar will offer approximately 39 minutes of in-depth analysis of carefully selected current planning and environment related issues, to provide consideration of their practical significance for those involved in the process.

39 from 39, Series 3 Episode 11 – "Cut your neighbour down to size?"

Neighbour disputes are messy. They often escalate quickly. Neighbours are not averse to taking matters into their own hands before involving lawyers.

In this webinar, members of the 39 Essex Property team share their thoughts on common disputes between and involving neighbours, the legal issues which they throw up, and the steps which may be taken to resolve them.

The webinar will consider the following specific issues:

  • The maintenance and improvement of property – what rights do neighbouring landowners have, and what steps should (and should not) be taken to enforce these?
  • Noise and disturbance – what can a neighbour do when things get out of hand, and what is the effect of Duval v 11-13 Randolph Crescent Limited [2020] UKSC 18 in such disputes?
  • Encroachment by a lessee on land not demised – how does this issue arise, and what effect does it have on common parts and amenity land?

This webinar is presented by David Sawtell and Niraj Modha.

Date and Time

Tuesday 6th July, 10.30am - 11.30am

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