10 Sep 2020

39 from 39 - Episode 12: Noises and Smells

This webinar will provide a practical overview of the statutory and policy framework available to local authorities and others to address noises and smells. The speakers will discuss:

  • Criminal law tools, including offences under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990 – Rose Grogan
  • Statutory nuisance tools under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 – Katherine Barnes
  • Other tools, including (i) "agent of change" planning policy principles and (ii) the potential monetary remedy offered by the Land Compensation Act 1973 where noise/smell is due to the use of "public works" – James Burton

In addition to outlining the substantive law, the speakers will also draw from their experience in this specialist field to address related procedural and strategic issues.




Katherine Barnes and James Burton's presentation, to view click here




Date and Time

Thursday 10th September @ 10.30am


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There is no cost for the webinar