Dorset NHS shake-up campaigners refused appeal

Dorset NHS shake-up campaigners refused appeal

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Fenella Morris QC and Annabel Lee successfully represented NHS Dorset CCG in the Court of Appeal in a challenge to health service reconfiguration plans across Dorset. The appeal was brought against the decision of Silber J, dismissing a claim for judicial review (available here).

The appeal was pursued on three grounds including an alleged failure to take into account relevant considerations, namely the social care workforce; and an alleged failure to conduct reasonable inquiries into travel times and clinical risks in breach of the Tameside duty. Permission to appeal was refused at a rolled-up hearing before the Court of Appeal (Sir Ernest Ryder; Lord Justice Bean; and Lady Justice Simler). Fenella and Annabel also represented the CCG in the judicial review proceedings in the Administrative Court below.

The Court of Appeal’s reasons for refusing permission to appeal will be handed down at a later date.

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To view full judgment, please click here.

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