St Leonard’s Court

The intractable nature of groundwater pollution and the sometimes extreme difficulties in achieving remediation is illustrated by the fact that the groundwater pollution caused by the St Leonard’s Court site in St Albans has still not been remediated, despite the site having been identified under Part IIA and designated as a special site as long ago as 2002: see ENDS Report 8 January 2019. The pool of bromate in the groundwater extends for about 20 km, affecting groundwater and the River Lee. It is still subject to scavenge pumping pursuant to the remediation notice which was the subject of an unsuccessful appeal and further judicial review proceedings. The requirement to continue with scavenge pumping expires on 21 July 2019 and the Environment Agency is consulting on the next phase of remediation: see here. The online consultation is said to be to allow participation from others than the appropriate persons and landowners, such as local interest groups, industry and academia. The EA consultation states:

“Crest and Redland have so far completed 11 of the 12 actions in the First Notice. The remaining action is the ongoing procurement of the interim scavenge pumping from the well that was closed for public water supply. This action will expire on 21 July 2019. We are working to ensure the interim scavenge pumping does not cease on this date, because it is essential in managing bromate and bromide concentrations at downstream public water supply wells.”

Text reference: 4-36; 5-10; 5-115


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