R(BL) v LB Islington

R(BL) v LB Islington

Summary This case concerning litigation capacity in the judicial review context is not merely relevant to such cases but also poses interesting question for proceedings before the Court of Protection…. Read more »

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MM v A City Council

Summary The case related to a young man, ‘Michael’ or ‘MM.’ Michael had diagnoses of mild learning disabilities, dissocial personality disorder and had ongoing problems with using illicit substances. He… Read more »

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Cumbria, Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust & Anor v EG

Summary[1] When can a mental health patient lawfully remain in the community, rather than in hospital, but be deprived of their liberty in the community?   In 2018, the Supreme Court… Read more »

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Nottinghamshire County Council v LH, PT and LT; Nottinghamshire v LH, PT and LT (No. 2)

Summary In these two judgments, decided five days apart, Poole J considered the authorisation of the deprivation of a deprivation of liberty of a 12-year-old girl, LT, in an acute… Read more »

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In Re AEL [2021] EWCOP 9, SJ Hilder considered very strong objections levelled by a family member to the idea that they were depriving their adult child of their liberty. … Read more »

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A County Council v KK & Oths

Summary In this case, Lieven J considered whether a “community DoL” order that had been in place in respect of an 18 year old woman (“JK”) since January 2020 should… Read more »

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Re Z (A Child: Deprivation of Liberty: Transition Plan)

In Re Z (A Child: Deprivation of Liberty: Transition Plan) [2020] EWHC 3038 (Fam), Knowles J considered the situation of a 14 year old boy with autism and PDA traits… Read more »

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Mazhar v Birmingham Community Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust & Ors

In, the Court of Appeal almost, but not quite, answered the question of whether it is lawful to use the inherent jurisdiction to deprive an adult of their liberty.   They… Read more »

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DP v LB Hillingdon

Summary[1] In this case, Hayden J has clarified what the court is to do on an s.21A application where it has doubt as to whether it can, on the evidence… Read more »

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A Local Authority v AB

Summary There have been very few cases concerning the meaning of deprivation of liberty in the context of adults since the immediate flurry of post-Cheshire West activity and the decision… Read more »

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