Wilmot-Smith on Construction Contracts (Fourth Edition) Published

Wilmot-Smith on Construction Contracts (Fourth Edition) Published

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We are delighted to announce that Wilmot-Smith on Construction Contracts (Fourth Edition) has been published today by Oxford University Press.

In this fourth edition Richard Wilmot-Smith QC, and co-editor Paul Darling QC, continue to provide an essential source of reference on this area of the law along with no fewer than 26 consultant editors, special advisors and contributors from 39 Essex Chambers.

Their practical approach is prevalent throughout this book and has helped to establish it as a key resource for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

This Edition:

  • Provides clear exposition of construction law to practitioners
  • Covers problem areas and provides answers in a commercial context
  • Takes a fresh approach to construction contracts placing emphasis on modern authorities
  • Gives authoritative coverage of ADR, arbitration, and adjudication
  • Analyses extra-contractual claims providing ways forward for difficult problems

Brand new to this Edition:

  • Expansion of international arbitration material with editorial input from international arbitrators of renown.
  • Recasts the chapter on adjudication drawing favourable comment from Lord Justice Coulson.
  • Gives a rewritten chapter on mediation by the leading UK mediators.

Richard and Paul have recorded a very short introduction, highlighting the key updates to the new edition, which you can view HERE.

For more details and to purchase a copy visit OUP’s website HERE.


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