William Norris QC acts in case of teenager awarded record damages

William Norris QC acts in case of teenager awarded record damages

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William Norris QC of Thirty Nine Essex Street, with Nathan Tavares of Outer Temple Chambers, instructed by Paul Paxton of Stewarts, acted for Agnes Collier who has been awarded record damages (for a personal injury claim) in the High Court. Agnes, who was 13 at the time of her accident, and is now 17, suffered very serious spinal injuries leaving her tetraplegic and wholly dependent on others for her care and the needs of everyday life. She also lost her mother who was killed in the same accident. Nevertheless, with the support of a loving family and through her own determination, she was able to get back to school and now hopes to go on to university. The agreed award, approved by Macduff J on 19th November, provides for £7.25m as a lump sum and a further amount of £270,000 per annum, index-linked, for her care needs, which will be paid for the rest of her life.

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