Why dual qualify? The Caribbean advantage (Karen Gough – Counsel Magazine)

Why dual qualify? The Caribbean advantage (Karen Gough – Counsel Magazine)

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This article was first published by Counsel Magazine on 22 November 2018.

Caribbean-qualified counsel Karen Gough took the plunge, got the international edge and benefitted her whole practice.

“When I tell people I work in the Caribbean or that I am going to the Caribbean to work, you can just imagine the kind of smart remarks I get. People generally take the view that being a member of the English Bar is a sufficiently rarefied occupation for a woman of my generation without the added gloss of a Caribbean practice.

As a large part of my work is international, I strive to maintain a global view of developments and best practice in my specialist areas. Frankly, clients expect nothing less. When you hold yourself out as an international practitioner, and in an information age, clients are entitled to expect that when you take on work in a particular jurisdiction on their behalf, in front of local tribunals, often alongside locally trained lawyers and experts, that you understand not just what you are dealing with, but who you are dealing with and how to make the best of a case.”

To read Karen’s full article in Counsel Magazine, please click here.

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