WEBINAR: Listed buildings, art and heritage: Dill in the Supreme Court

WEBINAR: Listed buildings, art and heritage: Dill in the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court has allowed the owner’s appeal in Dill about the status of two lead urns and stone piers. The successful advocates in the case, Richard Harwood QC and Catherine Dobson will discuss the meaning and implications of the judgment with two expert commentators: Nigel Hewitson, former Legal Director of English Heritage and co-author (with Charles Mynors) of Listed Buildings and Other Heritage Assets; and Dr Rebecca Reynolds of the Institute of Art and Law.

The topics will include:

  • Access to a remedy: the scope of planning and enforcement appeals
  • What is a listed building?
  • The effect of the Dill judgment on statues and garden objects
  • What are the implications of the judgment for art owners and the art market?
  • Where does it leave the listing process?


Richard Harwood QC and Catherine Dobson’s presentation, to view click here




Date and Time:

Friday 29th May at 11am

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar is hosted by Zoom. Please visit the Zoom website for their Terms & Conditions.

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