WEBINAR: 39 from 39: Episode 8 – Biodiversity Gain and Habitats Update

WEBINAR: 39 from 39: Episode 8 – Biodiversity Gain and Habitats Update

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39 Essex Chambers presents a series of Planning/related Webinars

Each webinar will offer approximately 39 minutes of in-depth analysis of three carefully selected current planning/related issues, to include consideration of their practical significance for those involved in the process.

Episode 8: Biodiversity Gain and Habitats Update

Parts 6 and 7 of the Environment Bill contain novel and far reaching provisions on biodiversity gain and conservation covenants.  These provisions have been in the pipeline for a long time, but when in force will bring about very significant changes to the planning system, requiring the provision of biodiversity gain.  They will present both problems and opportunities for developers, planning authorities and rural landowners.  In this webinar we will explain the provisions and their possible implications.  We will also provide an update of case law and other developments in the conservation of habitats.  We have seen already what serious effects these requirements are having on planning for new development including housing and these issues will be explored in three sessions:

  • Biodiversity gain
  • Conservation covenants
  • Habitats update



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Date and Time:

Tuesday 8th July @ 10.30am

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