Weakening of children’s safeguards challenged through judicial review

Weakening of children’s safeguards challenged through judicial review

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The children’s rights charity Article 39 has issued a judicial review claim which challenges the weakening of a wide range of safeguards for looked after children and in relation to the adoption and fostering process during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jenni Richards QC and Steve Broach act for Article 39, with Khatija Hafesji of Monckton Chambers, instructed by Irwin Mitchell LLP.

Following an application for urgent consideration, Mr Justice Swift ordered that the time for the Secretary of State to provide his initial response to the claim be shortened, confirming the urgency of the claim. As such, a decision on whether permission to apply for judicial review should be granted in relation to the regulations is expected shortly after 22 June 2020.

Further information is available on the Article 39 website

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