Water Resources Management Plan: inquiry outcome

Water Resources Management Plan: inquiry outcome


In late 2010 Defra published the Secretary of State’s decision letter and inspector’s report on South East Water’s water resources management plan (WRMP). Gordon Nardell QC and Justine Thornton represented the Environment Agency at the public inquiry, the first of its kind under the 2003 legislation that placed water companies’ WRMPs on a statutory footing. WRMPs must show how each water company in England intends to balance supply and demand for water over the 25 years from 2010 to 2035. Defra directed SEW to publish its WRMP, but shared the Environment Agency’s reservations about the soundness of the company’s demand forecast and resource options for the 2020-2035 part of the planning period. SEW were told to resolve these issues as part of the statutory process of review of the current plan and in preparing the next round of plans, due in 2014.  A link to the decision letter and report can be found at http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/quality/water/resources/planning/hearings-inquiries.htm

Martin also appeared at the inquiry on behalf of the Ian Askew Charitable Trust to object to the inclusion of their land as the site of a new storage reservoir at Clay Hill in East Sussex.

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