Victory for the Claimants in R (RD) v Worcestershire CC

Victory for the Claimants in R (RD) v Worcestershire CC

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In a judgment handed down on 28 February 2019, Mr Justice Nicklin has ruled that Worcestershire County Council acted unlawfully in failing to carry out proper transitional planning in relation to families affected by its decision to cut “Portage” services.  Portage services are home-visiting services for children with special educational needs and disabilities.  Mr Justice Nicklin found that the Defendant had frustrated the affected families’ legitimate expectations, which had arisen from assurances made by the Defendant at the time the decision to cut the Portage service was taken to the effect that proper transitional planning would take place in order to ensure that the impact of the cessation of the service would be properly mitigated.

Jenni Richards QC and Michael Armitage, Monckton Chambers, acted for the Claimants, instructed by Bindmans LLP, at the substantive hearing.

To see full judgment, please click here.

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