Victoria Butler-Cole launches T-shirt tax campaign

Victoria Butler-Cole launches T-shirt tax campaign

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Over 350 people died due to the collapse of the eight story Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, which provided cheap clothes for companies to sell in Britain. Many more were injured and the number of missing is still unknown. 39 Essex Street’s Victoria Butler-Cole launched this campaign to urge shoppers to pay a voluntary T-shirt tax to raise money for the victims of the factory collapse.

Victoria has asked shoppers to consider donating the difference between what they paid for a T-shirt and what it would have cost had the workers who made it been treated properly. The money raised will go towards helping Action Aid’s work on the ground in supporting the rescue effort and helping victims of the disaster, as well as its wider work in Bangladesh.

Victoria acknowledged some wouldn’t be able to pay the T-Shirt tax but urged those who could to consider doing so, saying “It seems to me we have a moral duty to help. Everyone has something in their wardrobe from Bangladesh. This isn’t just the fault of companies who supply cheap clothes.”

You can donate at Victoria’s JustGiving page.

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