Triple Killer Joanne Dennehy Loses Human Rights Courts Battle

Triple Killer Joanne Dennehy Loses Human Rights Courts Battle

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Serial killer Joanna Dennehy has lost her bid for damages for human rights violations after being put in solitary confinement in prison.

Jenni Richards QC acted for Sodexo Ltd, who operate the prison in which Ms Dennehy is held.

Dennehy had claimed continued isolation left her “tearful and upset”.

The High Court rejected her claim which was brought after she was placed in isolation at HMP Bronzefield near Ashford in Surrey, after prison guards apparently found a plot to escape in her diary.

Mr Justice Singh dismissed her claim for compensation, saying her “segregation has, at all material times, been reasonable and therefore lawful at common law.”

Jenni Richards QC, for the prison, had said she was “arguably the most dangerous female prisoner in custody”.

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