39 Essex Chambers success in Planning Magazine survey

39 Essex Chambers success in Planning Magazine survey

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39 Essex Chambers has achieved 23 rankings in the annual Planning Magazine survey of planning lawyers. Peter Village QC is ranked 6th amongst the Planning Silks. Chambers is now the third-placed planning set.

The members of Thirty Nine Essex Street listed are:

Silks: Richard Harwood QC, Tom Hill QC, Gordon Nardell QC, William Norris QC, John Steel QC, Paul Stinchcombe QC, James Strachan QC, Stephen Tromans QC and Peter Village QC.

Juniors: James Burton, Martin Edwards, Simon Edwards, John Pugh-Smith, Andrew Tabachnik, Justine Thornton, Richard Wald and Christiaan Zwart.

Juniors under 35: Caroline Allen, Catherine Dobson, Rose Grogan, Ned Helme, Philippa Jackson and Daniel Stedman-Jones.

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