The Worcestershire Ordinary Residence Decision: what next?

The Worcestershire Ordinary Residence Decision: what next?

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On 22 December 2021, judgment was handed down in favour of the Secretary of State in the case of R (Worcestershire County Council) v Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Swindon Borough Council [2021] EWCA Civ 1957. You can read the judgment here. It is understood that Worcestershire County Council lodged an application for leave to appeal in the Supreme Court.

In this webinar, Sian Davies, Jack Anderson and Arianna Kelly will discuss:

  • The current position on s.117 Mental Health Act aftercare
  • The effect on pending and future disputes
  • Making decisions about when a s.117 obligation has come to an end
  • Potential claims in restitution due to shifts in responsibility
  • What, if anything, might the Supreme Court do next?

Date and Time

Wednesday 9th February, 1pm – 2pm

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