The Judicial Review and Courts Bill

The Judicial Review and Courts Bill

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Professor David Feldman and Professor Paul Craig were joined by Professor Alison Young to present this webinar on ‘The Judicial Review and Courts Bill’. The discussion were chaired by Vikram Sachdeva QC.

Topics included:

  • What the Judicial Review and Courts Bill is proposing
  • Evaluation of this proposal – Suspended and prospective only remedies
  • How the courts may interpret the Bill and whether this alleviates any concerns, or makes it worse
  • Evaluation of this proposal – Cart and ouster clauses
  • How the courts may interpret this ouster in this and future cases

Date and Time:

Monday 25th October, 5pm – 6,15pm

Webinar Recording:


Speaker Notes:

Click here for Paul Craig’s presentation
Click here for Alison Young’s presentation
Click here for David Feldman’s note

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