The End of Time – The Uniplex Decision

The End of Time – The Uniplex Decision

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On 28th January 2010 the European Court of Justice ruled that the requirement in the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 to bring public procurement proceedings ‘promptly and in any event within three months’ was unlawful.  This decision in Uniplex (UK) Limited v NHS Business Services Authority C-406/08 deals with when time runs, the time period within which to bring proceedings and extensions of time.  It has profound implications for the judicial review time limit, particularly in cases with a European dimension.

This seminar will be of interest to everyone involved in procurement, public environmental and planning litigation.  It will address:

  • What did the ECJ decide?
  • Implications for procurement litigation
  • How far does it apply to other European law cases, especially where Mellor reasons are involved
  • Practical examples in procurement, public, planning & environmental law
  • Can promptness survive in judicial review?

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