“Money talks – Part 36 and a retreat from Carver” Kemp News, 2010

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“Time for the SRA to rethink its policy of indiscriminate publication” by Greg Treverton-Jones QC – Law Society Gazette

In October 2009, the Gazette carried an article by me (tinyurl.com/63k79bj) in which I criticised the general policy of the Solicitors Regulation Authority to publish on its website the details… Read more »

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“Practicalities of the Tribunal” – Butterworths by Alison Foster QC

The purpose of this paper is to indicate the framework against which important practical decisions are made in the conduct of proceedings in professional tribunals …

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“Part 36 offers: when bettering is not enough” P.I.L.J. (2008) No.66 June Pages 6-8 (Sadie Crapper)

P.I.L.J. (2008) No.66 June Pages 6-8 Considers, in respect of the implications for cases in which costs seem out of proportion to their low value claims, the Court of Appeal… Read more »

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