The MCA in the Supreme Court

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The MCA in the Supreme Court

This article first appeared in the Elder Law Journal (Issue 1, March 2014) published by Jordan Publishing. All rights reserved. (c) Jordan Publishing, Vikram Sachdeva, Alex Ruck Keene and Victoria… Read more »

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P, P & Q: The key to the gilded cage

This video features Jenni Richards QC, Fenella Morris QC, Nicola Greaney and Ben Tankel discussing the implications of the judgement in P v Cheshire West and P and Q v Surrey County… Read more »

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Scottish Adult Incapacity Law

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Inherent Jurisdiction Note

In this paper, delivered to Action on Elder Abuse’s National Conference in March 2013, Alex discusses the present state of the inherent jurisdiction, and the lessons that can be learned… Read more »

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