Supplement to Richard Harwood

Supplement to Richard Harwood

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Richard Harwood has written a supplement to Historic Environment Law which will be published at the end of May 2014. Historic Environment Law was first published in October 2012. Since then the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 has abolished conservation area consent and introduced heritage partnership agreements, listed building consent orders and certificates of lawfulness of proposed works.

The Supplement will analyse the new provisions, including the secondary legislation. It also updates generally, including the extensive caselaw on the historic environment policies in the National Planning Policy Framework and the statutory duty of special regard to listed buildings, changes to design and access statements, the new Scheduled Monuments policy, the Planning Practice Guidance and the creation of the Planning Court.

In the same way that Historic Environment Law appended the relevant primary and secondary legislation, the new provisions and their regulations and orders are included in the Supplement.

The Supplement is available at a pre-publication price of £15 (£7.50 for members of the Institute of Art and Law) including postage and packaging until 31st May 2014.  Its usual price will be £18.  The supplement can be ordered online via email or by telephone to 01982 560 666.

Historic Environment Law is available here for £58 (£29 for IAL members) including postage and packaging.

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