Sex, Lies and Snitching – the new regulatory landscape

Sex, Lies and Snitching – the new regulatory landscape

CategoryWebinars Archive Author Gregory Treverton-Jones KC, Andrew Tabachnik KC, Alexis Hearnden Date

In this webinar, Gregory Treverton-Jones QC, Andrew Tabachnik QC and Alexis Hearnden will discuss:

  • Where we are post-Beckwith re sexual misconduct in and out of the workplace
  • Analysis of aspects of the decision in Beckwith: treatment of integrity; treatment of (2019) Principle 2 and tethering them to other breaches; costs.
  • The 2019 reporting obligations – where is the threshold now?
  • Dishonesty


Date and Time:

Wednesday 14th April, 5pm – 6pm

Webinar Recording



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