Top Tips For Protecting Confidential Information And Trade Secrets In Motorsport (LawInSport)


Top Tips For Protecting Confidential Information And Trade Secrets In Motorsport (LawInSport)

For most businesses, protecting their confidential information is of the utmost importance. This is even more the case for those involved in the motorsports industry, where marginal gains are the… Read more »

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Fighting Fraud And Match Fixing In Esports – Daniel Kozelko writes for LawInSport

In May 2021 EPIC Esports Events, in association with the Russian eSports Federation (RESF), organised and ran the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021[1]. The event has given rise to a lot… Read more »

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David Hopkins writes for LawInSport on Heath Streak’s eight year ban from cricket

In April this year, the International Cricket Council (“ICC”) announced that Heath Streak, Zimbabwe’s all-time leading wicket taker, had been banned from cricket for eight years following his admission that… Read more »

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The Final Yards Of Caster Semenya’s Human Rights Appeal: Background & Broader Implications (LawInSport)

What do Mokgadi Caster Semenya, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Serena Williams have in common?  All four athletes have certain immutable, natural genetic traits: for three of those athletes, those… Read more »

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Equal treatment for Elite Girls’ Football: 2nd Half

As the second Covid lockdown got underway in England supporters of women’s football were treated to the disturbing sight of the elite women’s and girls’ training squads being closed down… Read more »

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Five Measures to Protect Athlete Human Rights (Sport Resolutions Newsletter November 2020)

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) called the execution of Iranian wrestler Navid Afkair, “very sad news” and said their thoughts were with his family and friends. Amnesty International were stronger,… Read more »

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Equal chances: preserving elite girls’ football in lockdown

One of the casualties of lockdown has been most sport.  The regulations do though seek to protect elite sport, including players on development pathways which seek to lead to professional… Read more »

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Remote hearings; here to stay or just while needs must?

William Norris QC provides insight into remote hearings following some truly global hearings he has experienced while sitting as Chairman on panels for Sport Resolutions.  The particular focus of the… Read more »

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WADA v (1) Sun Yang (2) FINA – CAS panel finds that Sun Yang violated Article 2.5 FINA

This case has received widespread public interest for a number of reasons, particularly: The dramatic facts – it was alleged that the vial containing the blood sample had been smashed… Read more »

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Battle Royale at the border: the immigration problems plaguing esports athletes in the UK and US

The recent announcement that Germany intends to introduce a specific esports visa to its immigration code is a watershed moment. In his second article for Law In Sport, Daniel Kozelko… Read more »

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