WEBINAR: Forty with Fnatic: legal risks and likely disputes in esports

WEBINAR: Forty with Fnatic: legal risks and likely disputes in esports

Andy Cooke (General Counsel) and Amelie Draper from leading esports team, Fnatic, discuss with Jonathan Bellamy and Stephanie David of 39 Essex Chambers, where they see the likely disputes arising in the growing esports… Read more »

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Remote hearings; here to stay or just while needs must?

William Norris QC provides insight into remote hearings following some truly global hearings he has experienced while sitting as Chairman on panels for Sport Resolutions.  The particular focus of the… Read more »

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Appointments to the Premier League Judicial Panel  

We are delighted that Lord Dyson and Sir Wyn Williams have been appointed to the Appeal Panel and Sir David Foskett and Katherine Apps have been appointed to the Disciplinary… Read more »

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Paul Darling OBE QC Appointed as Chair of the Horserace Betting Levy Board

We are delighted to announce that Paul Darling OBE QC has been appointed by the Secretary of State as Chair of the Horserace Betting Levy Board. For further details about… Read more »

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Shrunken leagues, virtual Olympics and simulated crowds: What sport might look like post-coronavirus

Paul Hayes QC comments on the ‘flood of interest in virtual competitions’ that he predicts will arise out of the COVID-19 pandemic, for ABC News Australia. See here for the full… Read more »

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WADA v (1) Sun Yang (2) FINA – CAS panel finds that Sun Yang violated Article 2.5 FINA

This case has received widespread public interest for a number of reasons, particularly: The dramatic facts – it was alleged that the vial containing the blood sample had been smashed… Read more »

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Battle Royale at the border: the immigration problems plaguing esports athletes in the UK and US

The recent announcement that Germany intends to introduce a specific esports visa to its immigration code is a watershed moment. In his second article for Law In Sport, Daniel Kozelko… Read more »

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Colin McCaul QC Appointed to Two Sporting Tribunals

Colin McCaul QC has been appointed as an Independent Disciplinary Panel Member of Scottish Athletics. As the National Governing Body for Athletics in Scotland, Scottish Athletics is affiliated to UK… Read more »

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Lord Dyson shares his perspective on Sports Law (Law In Sport Podcast)

In this podcast, Lord Dyson, shares his perspective on Sports Law with Sean Cottrell of Law In Sport. Visit Law In Sport’s website here to listen to the full interview.

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Issues of Integrity in Sport and eSports

Members of 39 Essex Chambers Sports Law Group will be joined by Andrew Cooke, General Counsel of Fnatic, to discuss: Athlete conduct Match-fixing and gambling eSports Integrity issues in eSports… Read more »

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