Public Law Analysis – Tom Tabori


Public Law Analysis – Tom Tabori

Tom Tabori, interviewed by Varsha Patel of LexisNexis, discusses the principles that should be considered when assessing proportionality of interference with qualified rights on the basis of pressing social need…. Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Tom Tabori Date

Crowdfunding Councils?

Fenella Morris QC, Sian Davies and Katherine Apps give their opinions on whether cash-strapped councils could use crowdfunding in order to defend cases in an interview with ‘The Law Society… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Fenella Morris QC, Sian Davies, Katherine Apps Date

Monetary Penalty Notices

The purpose of this paper is to provide an introduction to monetary penalty notices. The law is complex and you cannot assume that the ICO has got it right, even… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Rory Dunlop QC Date

The Care Act 2014: Overview

The Care Act adopts and implements many of the recommendations of the Law Commission on Adult Social Care1 (published 11 May 2011). It is the largest single piece of community… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Benjamin Tankel Date

Freedom of Information and Data Protection: Case Law Update 2014

This paper covers key information rights cases in 2014. The breadth of issues covered below, from legal professional privilege, human rights to vexatious requests, demonstrates the overlap between information law… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Jennifer Thelen Date

Local Authority Governance – Current Issues

“Governance” in local authority terms means different things to different people. We have chosen three issues within this broad field which appear to us to have caused significant recent controversy,… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Peter Mant Date

Court of Protection Issues

This paper provides an overview of the procedure which has been put in place to implement the streamlined process by which the Court of Protection may authorise deprivations of liberty… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Catherine Dobson, Nicola Kohn Date

What’s Coming Next for Local Government

2015 promises to be an interesting year for local government, albeit against a backdrop of continued cuts, with localism, devolution and reform of local government finance all politically prominent issues,… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Jack Anderson Date

Managing Cuts: Lawful decision-making, PSED and consultation

In recent years there have been an increased number of challenges to local authority decisions made under the pressure of increasingly tight and potentially unmanageable financial constraints. Many of these… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Annabel Lee Date

State Aid Issues for Local Authorities

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union provides that certain government activities may be prohibited because they give an advantage in a selective way to certain entities, which… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho Date

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