Regulation of Healthcare Professionals (September 2007, Vikram Sachdeva)

Regulation of Healthcare Professionals (September 2007, Vikram Sachdeva)


  • Applicability of Article 6
  • Determination of a Criminal Charge
  • Determination of Civil Rights and Obligations
  • Effect of Article 6
  • The Right to an Adversarial Hearing
  • The Charges
  • Disclosure
  • Evidence
  • The Standard of Proof
  • Reasoned decision
  • Presence at Hearing
  • Right to Representation
  • Prejudicial Publicity
  • Right to a Hearing Within a Reasonable Time
  • Public Hearing
  • Independent and Impartial Tribunal
  • Unduly Lenient Penalties: s29 and the CHRE
  • Appeals by the practitioner
  • Costs
  • Comity
  • Is the witness immune from suit?
  • The Meadow case before the GMC Fitness to Practice Panel
  • Appeal to the High Court
  • Appeal to the Court of Appeal

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