Who are 39 Essex Chambers looking for?

39 Essex Chambers wishes to recruit the strongest candidates for pupillage, regardless of their background. We do not discriminate between those with law degrees and those with non-law degrees, and encourage applications from those who are coming to the Bar at a later stage in their careers.

We apply the same criteria when selecting mini-pupils, pupils and tenants, namely:

  • Intellectual Ability.
  • Expressive Ability, both written and oral, and including the ability persuasively to defend a position in argument.
  • Interpersonal Skills with solicitors, lay clients, Chambers (both Barristers and staff) and other members of the Bar.
  • Commitment, Drive and Efficiency, and the related skills necessary to become a barrister and to pursue a successful career at the Bar and to further the interests of Chambers.
  • Interests in one or more areas of law in which Chambers specialises.
  • Interests outside the law.

Following considerable recent expansion, we are not actively looking for established practitioners. Nonetheless, we will always give due consideration to speculative applications.

Call +44 (0)20 7832 1111 for more information

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