How do I apply for pupillage?

39 Essex Chambers is a member of the Pupillage Gateway administered by the Bar Council and GTI. Applications for twelve-month pupillages are accepted through the Gateway, except in the case of candidates who are exempt from the system (for instance because they are transferring from being advocates in another jurisdiction).

We offer pupillages through the Pupillage Gateway. The precise timetable for applications for pupillage is set by the Gateway. Pupillage Gateway application forms now have to filled in on-line by February.

We draw up a short-list of candidates for interview on the basis of the Gateway applications. We will conduct interviews in the period between February and May.

We aim to make offers to successful applicants shortly after the first date upon which the Pupillage Gateway allows offers of pupillage to be made, and keep offers open for 14 days.


We strongly encourage applicants for pupillage to undertake a mini-pupillage with us. The pupillage process, including the applications process, is viewed by 39 Essex Chambers as a two-way learning experience. Whilst the interview is an important part of the selection procedure, it is not the best environment in which to make assessments about the atmosphere in Chambers on a day to day basis. As important as the high quality of the work that is done in Chambers is the nature of the working environment and it is this aspect of Chambers life which candidates are best placed to appreciate whilst spending time here as a mini-pupil.

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