How do I apply for pupillage?

39 Essex Chambers will be a member of Pupillage Gateway for applications for pupillage commencing in September 2023. Our pupillage procedure has been tailored to fit with the Pupillage Gateway timetabling and the Bar Council’s requirements.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete your Pupillage Gateway application and submit it via the Pupillage Gateway website within the applications window. The submissions window for Pupillage Gateway applications opens on 5th January 2022 and closes on 9th February 2022 at 14:00 (PM). Do try to submit your application as early as possible within the applications window.
  2. We draw up a short-list of candidates for interview on the basis of the Gateway applications. We will conduct interviews in the period between February and May. The exact date has not yet been fixed, but we will try to let you know well in advance. Offers for pupillage for 2023 will be made on 6th May 2022, in line with the Pupillage Gateway timetabling.


We strongly encourage applicants for pupillage to undertake an assessed mini-pupillage with us. The pupillage process, including the applications process, is viewed by 39 Essex Chambers as a two-way learning experience. Whilst the interview is an important part of the selection procedure, it is not the best environment in which to make assessments about the atmosphere in Chambers on a day to day basis. As important as the high quality of the work that is done in Chambers is the nature of the working environment and it is this aspect of Chambers life which candidates are best placed to appreciate whilst spending time here as a mini-pupil.

Call +44 (0)20 7832 1111 for more information

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