Private Law Remedies in Environmental law

Private Law Remedies in Environmental law

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This paper was delivered at the International Law conference in Kuala Lumpur. You can read the introduction below and the full paper by clicking on the relevant link.


  • With statutory regulation covering an ever increasing area in Environmental Law, the question arises as to whether private law remedies have a meaningful role to play in that arena?
  • When addressing the doctrine of Rylands v Fletcher, Lord Hoffmann remarked at paragraph 39 of his Opinion in Transco plc v Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council [2004] 2 AC 1. : “It is hard to escape the conclusion that the intellectual effort devoted to the rule by judges and writers over many years has brought forth a mouse”.
  • If true of Rylands v Fletcher, does that observation apply to common law remedies as a whole in relation to their utility in environmental law cases?

For the full paper please see here.

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