Private and Statutory Nuisance

Private and Statutory Nuisance

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Chaired by Stephen Tromans QC and presented by William Norris QC, Justine Thornton and James Burton, this seminar will consider private and statutory nuisance.

William Norris QC will consider various issues arising in private nuisance litigation in the light of wind farm and other litigation including Barr v Biffa, Coventry v Lawrence, Pusey v Somerset CC and Berent v Family Mosaic

Justine Thornton will consider fact management and quantum of damages for loss of amenity in group actions for nuisance.  Topics will include; the economic and efficient trial of facts; contemporaneous evidence; expert evidence; the judicial approaches to quantum assessment; the unresolved quantum issues in the caselaw


James Burton
will discuss procedural pitfalls/opportunities in statutory nuisance and related cases, with an emphasis upon the requirement that notices be sufficiently certain


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