Red cards for judges: further guidance on Halliburton


Red cards for judges: further guidance on Halliburton

For many of us, we have not forgotten the recent wait and ultimate outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision in Halliburton Company v Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd[1] (“Halliburton”). The Court of Appeal… Read more »

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Deconstructed Liquidated Damages: Review of Recent Developments – Part Two

Liquidated damages clauses can provide a remedy that is predictable and certain. The difficult, time-consuming and potentially expensive task of quantifying damages is avoided. But drafting an enforceable clause is… Read more »

CategoryWebinars Archive Author Paul Darling OBE QC, Vivek Kapoor, David Hopkins, Alexander Burrell, Ruth Keating, Philippe Kuhn, Nicholas Higgs Date

Landmark Decision on the Scope of Economic Duress in English Contract Law

On 18 August 2021, the Supreme Court gave judgment in Pakistan International Airline Corporation v Times Travel (UK) Ltd [2021] UKSC 40, a decision in which it clarified, amongst other things,… Read more »

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Alexander Burrell successful in appeal before the DIFC Court of Appeal

Alexander Burrell, working with Horizons & Co Law Firm, has been successful in an appeal before the DIFC Court of Appeal, in the case RaDa Trading LLC FZC v (1)… Read more »

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The Validity of Liquidated Damages Clauses: Eco World – Ballymore Embassy Gardens Company Limited v Dobler UK Limited [2021] EWHC 2207 (TCC; O’Farrell J)

A liquidated damages clause is, shortly put, one stipulating the money payable as damages for loss caused by a breach of contract, irrespective of loss suffered. Practitioners will be aware… Read more »

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Episode 7: Litigation

In this episode, John Denis-Smith discusses his chapter on litigation with Paul Darling QC, looking at developments in the law relating to TCC practice, covering discussion in particular in respect… Read more »

CategoryWilmot-Smith on Construction Contracts: The Podcast, Podcasts & Other Media Author Paul Darling OBE QC, John Denis-Smith Date

James Bradford successful in High Court Trial for Claimants seeking repayment of CHF 6 million loan

On 2 August 2021, His Honour Judge Jarman QC handed down judgment in Gabriele Volpi & Delta Ltd v Matteo Volpi [2021] EWHC 2143 following a four day hearing in… Read more »

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Triple Point Technology: At Speed 2

In the second post of this three-part series, Alexander Burrell explores the first issue in the Supreme Court’s judgment in Triple Point Technology, Inc v PTT Public Company Ltd[1] – the interpretation… Read more »

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Triple Point Technology: At Speed 1

The Supreme Court has now handed down its decision in Triple Point Technology, Inc v PTT Public Company Ltd[1]. There were two main issues before the Supreme Court: Issue 1:… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Marion Smith QC, Alexander Burrell, Ruth Keating Date

Issues in Unfair Prejudice Petitions 2: Unfairness

In this series of posts, Anna Lintner analyses key aspects of unfair prejudice petitions: What constitutes conduct of the company’s affairs? Unfairness Section 994 Companies Act 2006 (“CA 2006”) permits… Read more »

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