James Todd QC secures term of imprisonment for fraudulent clinical negligence claimant in the NHS’s ongoing battle against false and exaggerated claims

Clinical Negligence

James Todd QC secures term of imprisonment for fraudulent clinical negligence claimant in the NHS’s ongoing battle against false and exaggerated claims

On Friday 2nd July in the Royal Courts of Justice, Darren Dommett, 49, from Grimsby, was sentenced to 29 weeks imprisonment for contempt of court by HHJ Lickley QC. The… Read more »

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The Supreme Court moves with the times – reasonable damages for surrogacy arrangements are recoverable: An Analysis of Whittington Hospital NHS Trust (Appellant) v XX (Respondent) [2020] UKSC 14

On 1 April 2020, the Supreme Court handed down a majority judgment, led by Lady Hale, in Whittington Hospital NHS Trust (Appellant) v XX (Respondent)[1] determining the recoverability of damages for surrogacy… Read more »

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On 30 October 2020 the Supreme Court handed down judgment in two appeals about the effect of illegality: Ecila Henderson v Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust [2020] UKSC 43 and Stoffel &… Read more »

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Episode 4: A Conspectus of Loss of Earnings Claims in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence litigation

In this episode, Ashley Pratt provides a conspectus of loss of earnings claims in personal injury and clinical negligence litigation. It covers past loss of earnings and future loss of… Read more »

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Susan Rodway QC Acted For Successful Claimant In Landmark Decision

Evie Toombes was born on 19 November 2001 with spina bifida. This is a developmental disease suffered when the neural tube which forms the spinal cord does not develop or… Read more »

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The Cumberlege Review: lessons for regulators, manufacturers and the healthcare system

In this webinar, Peter Mant and Stephanie David will discuss practical and legal issues arising out of the report of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review. There will also… Read more »

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Judgment Handed Down in Dutta v General Medical Council

Warby J heard a judicial review challenge to the decision of the GMC’s Case Examiner to refer allegations to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal (MPT) (“the 2009 allegations”), alongside a statutory… Read more »

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WEBINAR: Causation in clinical negligence – common law and HRA

This is one of a weekly series of webinars from Chambers’ Civil Liability Group. The webinars take place every Tuesday at 3.30pm. All of our webinars are recorded so you… Read more »

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What standard of care should hospitals be held to in the Covid-19 outbreak?

Introduction It is no secret that Covid-19 is placing huge strain on the NHS, with ramifications across all parts of an already stretched organisation. Hospitals nationwide have been told to… Read more »

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