Large loss section 57 cases coming thick and fast


Large loss section 57 cases coming thick and fast

Emma Corkill writes by way of brief update on the fast moving PI fraud arena to report on two recent cases involving section 57 of the Criminal Justice and Courts… Read more »

CategoryArticles, News Author Emma Corkill Date

Personal Injury Newsletter – July 2015

This month’s Personal Injury Newsletter covers the following: What is sudden shock in secondary victim case? Procedure Liability Quantum International Costs To download July’s Personal Injury Newsletter, please click here.

CategoryArticles, Newsletters Author Charlie Cory-Wright QC, Richard Spearman QC, James Todd QC, Katharine Scott, Sadie Crapper, Caroline Allen, Quintin Fraser, Nicola Kohn Date

8th Edition of Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings Published

The 8th edition of Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings has recently been published by Jordans.  The book was previously written by Brian Harris QC, but upon his retirement the new edition… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Gregory Treverton-Jones QC, Fenella Morris QC, Vikram Sachdeva QC, Rory Dunlop QC, Nicola Greaney, Anna Bicarregui, Alexis Hearnden, Peter Mant, Jack Anderson, Jennifer Thelen, Benjamin Tankel, Annabel Lee, Tom Tabori, Melissa Shipley, Nicola Kohn, Adam Boukraa Date

Liability update – April 2015

This article was taken from the Personal Injury Newsletter – April 2015. Contributory negligence of a child injured in an RTA: Some rare high level guidance on an issue that… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author James Todd QC Date

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