Competition Law

Competition Law

What our competition law barristers offer

The competition law team at 39 Essex Chambers have well established expertise across the full range competition law.

Many of our barristers have acted regularly before domestic and European courts and competition authorities, including the CAT, the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Competition Commission and European Commission, the OFT and other UK concurrent regulators.

A number of our practitioners of public law act on matters at the interface between sectoral regulation (and EC competition law), particularly in the energy, transport and postal sectors.

A further area of related specialist practice is public procurement law. Our barristers have have worked at the interface of procurement rules and State Aid (for example on the decision by the European Commission relating to the London Underground PPP) as well as the application of the rules of the European Treaty in the defence sector.

Many of our barristers have experience of working for or with regulatory bodies and competition authorities.

One of our barristers, Indeed, when parliamentary counsel, wrote the Competition Act 1998 before it was debated in parliament.

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Sheraton Doyle

Sheraton Doyle is the Senior Practice Manager for the Competition Law team and will, along with the clerking team below, be able to help you with any questions.

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