Planning, Environment & Property Newsletter – 9th July 2020

Planning, Environment & Property Newsletter – 9th July 2020

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Welcome to this week’s Planning, Environment and Property newsletter.  It has been another busy week, with a number of relevant announcements to digest.  The implications (and likely practical effect) of the Government’s ‘build, build, build’ message are still being digested, whilst minds also turn towards predictions for the contents of the Treasury’s planning ‘policy paper’ (due to be published later this month).  I also note that the long-delayed National Infrastructure Strategy is now due to be published in the autumn.

This week’s offering includes articles from Richard Harwood QC (on zoning); David Sawtell (on the definition of ‘exceptional circumstances’ in the context of rectification of the Land Register); and John Pugh-Smith (on section 73).

Click here to read the full newsletter. As ever, we hope you enjoy the read!

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