Planning, Environment & Property Newsletter – 16th July

Planning, Environment & Property Newsletter – 16th July

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Welcome to this week’s Planning, Property and Environmental newsletter.  At the danger of sounding like a broken record, it has been another busy week!  As such, it might be worth highlighting two things that might have slipped under your radar.  Earlier this week, the Inspectorate published a guide to participating in virtual events, which is essential reading for anyone gearing up to participate in their first remote hearing or inquiry, while yesterday’s Written Ministerial Statement provides some welcome clarity in relation to planning protection for cultural venues, reduction in demolition PD rights and encouragement to extend seasonal conditions and caravan sites

This week’s newsletter features an article from Stephen Tromans QC with the latest from the CJEU on habitats and environmental damage, with a Post Script on COVID litter, as well as the first of two articles from Victoria Hutton, providing a ‘light touch’ but comprehensive round up of changes since March 2019 from a legal perspective, aimed particularly at those who have been off on furlough (or for any other reason). However, given so much has changed in such a short space of time, hopefully it will be useful to a broader audience.  In this week’s article, Victoria covers the following topics: Decision-taking and Planning Applications; Planning Permissions; Local Plans; Neighbourhood Plans; and Appeal Hearings.

In other news, our ’39 from 39’ webinar series continues apace.  Next Wednesday (22nd), Stephen Tromans QC, Celina Colquhoun and Rachel Sullivan will be providing an environmental case law update, featuring discussion of some of the current hot topics and recent cases.  Booking is made online via this link.

In the same vein, is also worth drawing our readers’ attention to an article written for the Journal of Environmental Law by Stephen Tromans QC, Ned Helme, Katherine Barnes, Adam Boukraa and Stephanie David on the most ‘Significant UK Environmental Law Cases 2019 – 2020’, which is available online.

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