Peter Rees QC delivers keynote address at Vienna Arbitration Days Conference

Peter Rees QC delivers keynote address at Vienna Arbitration Days Conference

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The theme of  Peter Rees QC’s speech was that whilst, in the past, arbitration had been able to deliver greater  speed, quality and cost effectiveness compared to litigation, this was no longer the case. Peter went on to say that, in its current state, arbitration was overpromising and that the time had come to ditch the so-called seven advantages of arbitration.

Peter proposed that arbitration should borrow from those organisations where delivery and excellence of delivery is the prime focus and consider the vision and mission statements that have enabled them to achieve all three of the things users ought to be able to expect from arbitration – speed, low cost and quality. Following this Peter suggested four promises Arbitration could build its selling point around:

  • Simplification of the lives of customers
  • Remaining constructively dissatisfied in our pursuit of excellence
  • Guaranteeing reliable and comprehensive services  in an ever-changing environment
  • Striving to promote excellence, innovation and leadership

Peter concluded by saying that Arbitration should promise what it can deliver, while at the same time be continuously striving to provide a better service.

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