Personal Injury Newsletter – March 2014

Personal Injury Newsletter – March 2014


The March 2014 edition of the Personal Injury Newsletter is now available at this link.

Perhaps inevitably, this issue features a piece on Mitchell. Rather than simply trawl through the already numerous cases, many of which are inevitably fact specific, Camilla Church attempts to give some overall sense to the emerging picture. There are also extended pieces on Yates v National Trust, a recent decision on the extent of an occupier’s duty to the employee of a third party, and on committals for contempt of court, looking in particular at Fari v Haringey Homes. Other pieces consider recent international, costs, liability and quantum cases.

Following on the from the Mitchell theme, Chambers is happy to announce the launch of the ‘Relief from Sanctions Update’ blog. The intention of this blog is to bring together as many examples of possible of the way judicial thinking his changed in this ‘post-Mitchell’ era. It is hoped that this will be a useful resource for practitioners in dealing with case management issues in their own practice.

To visit the new Relief from Sanctions Update blog please click this link.

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