PD 57AC – further guidance and sanctions

PD 57AC – further guidance and sanctions

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Since PD 57AC came into force there has been a trickle of cases coming through the courts giving guidance on how parties can comply with the new Practice Direction. You can read our previous blog posts on PD 57AC: How is Practice Direction 57AC bedding down: reform or revolution?Practice Direction 57AC in practice; and Practice Direction 57AC: Case update.

Greencastle MM LLP v Payne [2022] EWHC 438 (IPEC) is the latest in this developing line of cases. The High Court has now issued a judgment in which the judge said it was the “clearest case of failure to comply” with PD57AC that he had seen. The decision provides learning points and warnings for all practitioners.

You can read the full post on our Commercial, Construction & International Arbitration Blog here.

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