New Update of ‘At home, around the World’

New Update of ‘At home, around the World’

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Episode 9 sees Lindy Patterson QC discuss with Matthew Harley (Senior Counsel at DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre based in Dubai) the impact of COVID-19  on arbitration cases, noting the initial slowing down of work that was subsequently followed by an increase in emergency arbitrations and urgent applications. Matthew reflects over his experience during this unprecedented time in his city, and the two chat about how the pandemic might affect their work more broadly (comparing the current climate to that of the financial crash in 2008/09). The impact of virtual hearings is also brought into discourse, with Lindy and Matthew considering whether they work as well as they could, and whether they might give rise to difficulties when it comes to enforcing arbitral awards.

In Episode 10, Nicholas Higgs is in conversation with, former head of the Technology and Construction Court, Sir Vivian Ramsey. They are exploring the experience of COVID-19 from the perspective of the arbitration tribunal, reflecting on how arbitrators are adjusting to virtual hearings in regards to both procedural and substantive matters. If you would like to know (amongst other things) why you need to make sure your witness has their back to the door, then do listen in.

Please visit our ‘At home, around the World’ website for full details and link to episodes 9 and 10.

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