Multimillion pound settlement for girl who suffered brain damage in syringe mixup

Multimillion pound settlement for girl who suffered brain damage in syringe mixup

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Maisha Najeeb was left with severe brain damage after her brain was accidentally injected with glue due to a mistake made at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (represented by Neil Block QC).

Maisha was being treated for a rare congenital condition which affected her arteries and veins but did not stop her from leading a normal life. Doctors planned to inject Maisha with dye as part of an angiogram to monitor the blood flow around her brain, following which they would inject her with glue to block of bleeding blood vessels. She had undergone this process successfully in the past.

Unfortunately no system was in place to easily identify which syringe contained  the glue and which the dye. This led to Maisha having glue injected into her brain instead of dye, causing catastrophic and permanent brain damage. Great Ormond Street Hospital has admitted liability for this mistake, has apologised unreservedly and has put systems in place to ensure this mistake is not repeated.

Judge William Birtles approved a settlement of a lump sum of £2.8million alongside yearly payments of £383,000 until she turns 19, at which point the yearly payments increase to £423,000. This will go towards the care of Maisha, who no longer has the majority of her physical and mental abilities and will require 24 assistance.

Neil Block QC said: “We can’t wind the clock back. We hope there are now procedures in place to ensure such a tragic mistake cannot be made again. While money can’t restore what Maisha has lost, we are sure a great burden has been lifted from the family by coming to the settlement we have.”

He added that what Maisha’s parents had achieved in terms of their daughter’s rehabilitation was an inspiration. “It is probably the most intensive cognitive rehabilitation we have ever seen by a family and we would wish to acknowledge everything they have done.”

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