Minister funds demolition of Ringo Starr

Minister funds demolition of Ringo Starr


SAVE Britain’s Heritage have received permission to apply for judicial review of the Housing Minister’s decision to give £35 million in to local authorities in Housing Market Renewal transitional funding.  The Coalition Government closed down the Pathfinder scheme because of the economic, social and environmental cost of widespread demolition.  A transitional fund was set up to end the project but when he approved the bids, the Minister was not told that the money would be used to demolish over 5,000 homes, including the birthplace of Beatles’ drummer, Ringo Starr.

The government accept that the decision was unlawful but contend that the Court should not grant relief.

In a hearing on 18 September 2012, Mrs Justice Lang granted permission to apply for judicial review.  She did not need to ask who the Beatles were.

Richard Harwood and Catherine Dobson are acting for SAVE Britain’s Heritage.

News Item – Daily Telegraph

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