Mental Capacity Law Newsletter – October 2014

Mental Capacity Law Newsletter – October 2014

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Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Newsletter 

In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Newsletter: news of the process for judicial authorisations of deprivations of liberty, capacity and deprivation of liberty, and a new and depressing ‘Neary’-type saga; Click here for this newsletter. 

Property and Affairs Newsletter 

In the Property and Affairs Newsletter: cases on the duties of attorneys vis-à-vis care expenditure, testamentary capacity and the MCA 2005 and new guidance on assessing capacity to manage property and affairs; Click here for this Newsletter.

Practice and Procedure Newsletter  

In the Practice and Procedure Newsletter: two extremely important cases on when (and how) to go to court in medical treatment cases;  Click here for this newsletter.

Capacity outside the COP 

In the Capacity outside the COP newsletter: an update on the compatibility of the MCA 2005 and the CRPD, developments with LPAs, and two important Strasbourg cases; Click here for this newsletter.

Scotland Newsletter 

In the Scotland Newsletter: breaking news as regards plugging the Bournewood ‘gap’ in Scotland and further news in the developing saga relating to validity of powers of attorney. Click here for this newsletter.

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