Mental Capacity Law Newsletter – November 2014

Mental Capacity Law Newsletter – November 2014

CategoryNews Author Victoria Butler-Cole KC, Alex Ruck Keene KC (Hon), Anna Bicarregui, Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho Date

Welcome to the November Mental Capacity Law Newsletters. To read the full compendium version please click here.

Highlights this month include:

In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Newsletter : an update on judicial authorisations of deprivation of liberty and two difficult cases, one involving the MHA and the MCA, and the other capacity to consent and to contact.

In the Property and Affairs Newsletter (this month edited by Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho): the first revocation of a digital LPA and an update on necessaries.

In the Practice and Procedure Newsletter: fact-finding against the odds, the limits of the inherent jurisdiction, an escalation of the legal aid debate and the launch of Alex’s guidance on litigation friends in the Court of Protection.

In the Capacity outside the COP newsletter: an important case on capacity and s.117 MHA 1983, an update on the new approach adopted by CQC to the MCA 2005 and a round-up of recent guidance on the MCA 2005, as well as call for best practice documentation, new guidance on DNACPR notices, and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ statement on Article 14.

In the Scotland Newsletter: the hotly anticipated Scottish Law Commission report on plugging the Bournewood gap, updates on the position relating to powers of attorney, an important case on testamentary capacity and undue influence, and updates on recent reports from the Mental Welfare Commission.



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