Mental Capacity Law & Policy website launched

Mental Capacity Law & Policy website launched


Alex Ruck Keene has recently launched this site focussing on Mental Capacity law and policy for all those who work in this sector.

The aim of the site is to facilitate better understanding of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 amongst lawyers, policy-makers and professionals. Though written primarily from a legal viewpoint, the site will bring together insights and  know-how from across the entire sector, providing those from the  worlds of legal practice, academia, clinical research, social work practice, third sector advocacy, and the wider policy community a place to keep up to date with developments and discuss their impact.

The site itself includes a repository of articles across a vast range of issues relevant to mental capacity law and also includes comment sections and an online forum. This will allow visitors to increase their understanding of the impact of mental capacity law by reading the articles and through further discussion with others working in the field of mental capacity.

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