Members of 39 Essex Chambers Produce Public Sector Equality Duty Training Video

Members of 39 Essex Chambers Produce Public Sector Equality Duty Training Video


The public sector equality duty now enshrined in the Equality Act 2010 has given rise to a substantial body of caselaw, and poses a number of challenges to local authorities and other public bodies.  In the present economic climate, there will inevitably be further difficult decisions about service provision, and thus the threat of further challenges in the courts.

Members of the public law team at Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers have produced the perfect tool to explain what is needed in order to comply with the statutory requirements: a training video suitable for a range of audiences which can be viewed as required to fit the needs of your organisation.

This essential DVD will include a standalone introductory session, suitable for viewing by high-level decision-makers and elected representatives, as well as detailed analysis and guidance to assist and inform legal officers and senior employees.

The training session will cover the following areas:

– What does the Act require?
– Which decisions are affected?
– How do decision-makers ensure that their decisions comply with the public sector equality duty?
– What are the requirements for a lawful public consultation
– What is required by way of information gathering and impact analysis
– How have the courts applied the Act in practice?

It will also include fictional case studies worked through in detail showing how to apply the duty at every stage in the decision-making process.

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