Medical Treatment 24 Hour Assistance

Medical Treatment 24 Hour Assistance

Main Switchboard – Out of Hours: +44 (0)330 331 0188

The support they offer “even at short notice” is “second to none” and “they always select the right barrister for the job”.


Emergency Contacts

Should you need out-of-hours assistance at any time, please call any of the following numbers. We offer a 24 hour service every day of the year:

Main Switchboard – Out of Hours: +44 (0)330 331 0188

Peter Campbell
Senior Practice Manager
+44 (0)7725 758 264

“responsive, reliable and highly practical”

Peter has 16 years of clerking experience during which he has regularly provided support to clients seeking out of hours advice and representation. He is known for making “you feel like your work is important and is given priority.”

Peter is a member of the Institute of Barristers Clerks and has been a nominee for Pro Bono Clerk of the Year award.

Sheraton Doyle
Senior Practice Manager
+44 (0)7921 880 670

“a real star”

Sheraton has been a clerk for over 20 years and has been recognised in legal directories as “really going the extra mile for clients.”

She has wide experience, not only clerking cases the Court of Protection but also in the Family Division and the Administrative Court.

Sheraton is a member of the Institute of Barristers Clerks.

Our Experience

We understand that disputes involving medical treatment can arise at any time. Whether you need telephone advice or a court order, we can provide you with assistance around the clock. Our clerking team have been described in Chambers and Partners as “brilliant” and prepared to “really go the extra mile …particularly on urgent cases”. The support they offer “even at short notice” is “second to none” and “they always select the right barrister for the job”

What our barristers offer

“…widely regarded as the biggest and best health and welfare team in London or anywhere else…”

Our barristers are at the forefront of medical treatment cases. They regularly appear in highly contentious and landmark litigation such as Charlie Gard, Aysha King and Aintree v James which require responsive and experienced counsel.

The specialist medical treatment group consists of over 20 barristers with unparalleled additional expertise in public law, clinical negligence, media law, regulatory law and inquests. They act on behalf of NHS bodies as well as children (through CAFCASS) and vulnerable adults (through the Official Solicitor) and families.

Call +44 (0)20 7832 1111 for more information

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